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Two teenager friends run away from their parents with a car and little bit of money. She’s looking for adventures while he’s trying to keep them on the run.

It’s a coming of age drama about brotherhood and breaking free.


Growing up is not about breaking free but rather learning to take care of the others, isn’t it?
This is what doubts Alex, a young boy who wants to be a man. Alex and Camille travel without a destination through a stereotypical America, lost in a relationship they don’t know how to handle. Camille is a rebel girl, always looking for fun and excitement, Alex is partly the opposite: he looks younger than Camille but always tries to keep the situation under control. Wildshakes is a film about borders and vulnerabilities.

- Dir. Tommaso Dall'Osso

16’12” | English | Ratio 1: 2.35

filmed in October 2015

DIRECTOR - Tommaso Dall'Osso

Born in Faenza, grows up in Imola where he attends high school. He has graduated in Media Design and Multimedia Arts at NABA, Milan, creating several short films, commercials and music during his academic years. He has worked either as director and producer. In 2016 he creates Monfriguel Films. Wildshakes was shot during his semester abroad in Santa Fe, NM, USA.

Camille Katie Rose Law
Alex Victor Armijo
Bartender Luca Serventi
Pedestrian Victor Buendia
Cashier Shantanu Sagara
Mother Agnese Comissari
Guy at Matador Marshall Leming
Beers Dealer Jorge Galvan

Director Tommaso Dall’Osso
Producer Rosana Abella Garcia
Assistant Producer Arturo Palma
1st AD Arturo Palma
2nd AD Cristina Dei Cas
Script Supervisor Cristina Dei Cas
Screenplay by Tommaso Dall’Osso
Editor Tommaso Dall’Osso
Colorist Giulio Rosso Chioso
DP Carlos Silva
Gaffer Shantanu Sagara
AC Luca Serventi
Key Grip Marshall Lewing
Production Designer Ekaterina Ignatova
EPK Ekaterina Ignatova
PA India Hearne
Graphic Design Federica Camerini
Sound Designer Luigi Suardi
Sound Mixer Joshua Berman
Boom Operator Sam Casey
Music Composer Giovanni Zof
“ROOMMATES” performed by Osla
“I’M HERE” performed by Knives Out
“NIGHT OUT” performed by Giovanni Zof

Special Thanks To:
Jehad N. Katheeb Cristina Villa Hank Rogerson
Justice Whitaker Gabriele Branca Elisabetta Gazzoli
Alberto Baos Fossati Paolo Beghini Fabrizio Ferri

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